Lip Fillers – Are they painful?

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What comes to mind when you hear the term “lip fillers”? Do you think “overfilled” or “painful” or “Hollywood”? These are all very common concerns we hear from our patients at their initial consultation. However, we want to put your mind at ease by answering many of the most commonly asked questions and dispelling some myths along the way.

The lips are one of the most prominent features on a person’s face and, silly or not, they can have a significant effect on how an individual feels about themselves or how others perceive their age.  A number of factors including aging, sun damage, genetics, and smoking add to the loss of lip volume and an increase in lip lines. These are some of the reasons why lip fillers have grown in popularity and have become more available in recent years.  Fillers are a great way to add volume or reduce age-related imperfections in the lips…

For those considering this common procedure, you might be wondering how painful lip fillers are, or you may be nervous about how they will look. We are here to tell you it’s very normal to feel this way, but rest assured, we are here to take care of you and provide you with answers to all your burning questions.

Are Lip Fillers Painful?

Since everyone has different perceptions of pain we do utilize several methods to help decrease discomfort during your treatment. Some people’s pain thresholds are naturally higher than others so this will vary accordingly depending on the patient. A topical numbing agent will be applied 30 minutes before your appointment time. This will help reduce the sensation of the injections. Furthermore, the majority of fillers on the market contain lidocaine which will numb the lips from the inside, virtually eliminating any pain you may feel.Most people report feeling a light pressure or pinch when the needle enters the lips.  Some patients may feel mild discomfort or a slight burning sensation, this is usually temporary and well within the patient’s tolerance. Some claim to not feel anything. 

We always take extra precautions when giving injections to avoid causing unnecessary pain or harm to our patients. Any fillers you receive should be administered by qualified professionals who will ensure not only your safety but also your comfort. Talk to your provider if you are feeling apprehensive or have questions.

New You Aesthetics Center is home to experts in cosmetic medicine and aesthetic treatments who have not only been in the business for years but who also serve as Medical Director for many other Aestheticians and Nurses in Arizona. We work closely with each patient to ensure the best possible outcomes and provide them with the individualized attention they deserve.

How to Maximize Your Lip Fillers Results 

After making the decision to get lip filler, it is important to us that you look and feel great. Some patients also want assurance that they can go about their daily life and social activities after completing a treatment. As Professionals, it is our job to ensure you are comfortable and informed about the service you receive from us. If it helps, we may use some of the following techniques to help ease any pain you may feel during your treatment:

  • Because the nerve pathway to identify pain is also used in the detection of cold temperatures, the application of ice has been shown to alleviate discomfort.. Ice on your lips and skin before giving dermal injections provides both pain relief and a numbing effect.
  • Before beginning the procedure, we do apply a topical anesthetic to the injection area to aid in comfort.
  • All fillers used at New You Aesthetics Center already contain local anesthetic agents to reduce any pain or discomfort you may feel. 

Procedure for Lip Fillers

At your initial consultation, your expert injector will have a thorough conversation with you to find out what you hope to achieve from your treatment. We’ll show you the latest techniques used in creating and maintaining a rejuvenated, youthful, and natural appearance. We will conclude the conversation with a review of your medical history to ensure it’s safe to proceed with the procedure.

When you come in for a consultation, we will assess your lips and any other problem areas you identify, to determine how much filler will be needed to achieve your desired results. 

We will advise you on the best treatment options to focus on that will achieve the results you are looking for. Your provider will also review with you any potential side effects, the treatment costs, our pre and post care guidelines, and the follow up care we provide with each treatment.  

After Procedure

After your treatment, your injector will give you thorough post-care instructions and we will schedule you for a follow-up appointment to assess your results and see if additional treatments are  needed to achieve your desired look..

Lessen Pain And Risks by Preparing for Lip Filler

You can reduce your risk of post-treatment complications such as swelling and bruising by taking into consideration a few precautions prior to the procedure. In the days leading up to your appointment, avoid the following:

  • Avoid taking aspirin or other blood-thinning drugs for 3 days before your appointment (unless prescribed for health reasons) to avoid excess bleeding and bruising
  • Don’t take any vitamins or supplements, such as vitamin E, fish oils, or Omega’s..
  • Avoid any consumption of alcohol for 72 hours before your procedure to avoid excess bleeding and bruising.
  • We advise that our patients take Arnica and Bromelain starting 5 days prior to their appointment as these supplements significantly help reduce bleeding and bruising.

Avoid lip fillers if you are experiencing or have concerns about the following:

  • Lip filler is not for you if you are nursing a baby, pregnant, allergic to any lip filler substances, or have a neurological disorder. Talk to your provider about this prior to the procedure.

Lip Filler Results

We will always gear our treatments towards your goals. Many patients are concerned about looking overdone. We want you to know that it takes multiple treatments to develop the very full lips you see on TV.  Our injectors want to avoid this look too, as you are our walking advertisement.  We want you looking natural and rejuvenated, not looking like you have  “duck lips”. As we always say, we are not the Housewives of Orange County, we are the Housewives of Chandler and Gilbert. 

Filler can be used to bring back definition to the lips commonly lost with age. It can be used to balance out asymmetry in the lips. Filler can create a soft, natural look to the lips, adding back color and hydration. Or if you are wanting a fuller, more pouty look, we can do that too, just not  so much so they look out of place on your face. Bottom line, our goal is to help you look and feel confident with your new lips!

Lip lines are a common concern. Our experienced injectors are skilled at placing filler strategically to reduce the appearance of vertical lines and wrinkles, also known as smokers lines. These lines are not always caused by smoking, they can develop if you frequently use straws or by making habitual movements with the mouth. Softening lip lines while enhancing and defining the lips can bring back balance and take years off the face.

The corners of the mouth, aka marionette lines, are also a favorite target area for treatment. As we get older, the corners of the mouth start to turn down due to a decrease in collagen production, gravity and age. Dermal fillers are expertly placed in this area to soften or reduce marionette lines, giving you a more lifted, youthful appearance.

The V-shaped area at the center of the upper lip, known as the cupid’s bow, is unique to each pair of lips. For this reason, our injectors will assess the best ways to enhance this area to create lift and symmetry to the overall shape of your perfect pout. 

We Can Help You!

If you’re interested in learning more about lip fillers, and how it can be used to improve the look of your lips and bring balance to your features , please contact us today. As the leading provider of skincare and injectables in Chandler, AZ, we pride ourselves on being the best for our clients!

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