Medical Director Services

Medical Director Services

Medical Director Services

Welcome! Registered Nurses, Certified Laser Technicians, and Aestheticians, if you are looking for a medical director you are in the right place. An offsite Medical Director allows you to perform certain aesthetic procedures and laser services. A Medical Director provides required medical oversight of policies and patient care to ensure compliance with applicable regulations for the State of Arizona.

What do Medical Director services include?

  • Standing orders*
  • Protocols, including complication protocols and emergency protocols* 
  • Treatment Consents* 
  • Photography/social media release* 
  • Pre & post treatment instructions* 
  • Complication assessment and management support 
  • Backbar prescriptions such as BLT** 
  • Laser safety-safe work environment, inspector questions 
  • Business referrals: insurance, compounding pharmacies, medical/spa suppliers, marketing, website development, device reps etc 
  • Electronic medical records and scheduling system recommendations 
  • Free meeting in person prior to signing contract 
  • Chart review and on-site visits as needed per medical director discretion 
  • Backup medical director for vacations at no extra cost 
  • and more

*For those who do not have existing documentation. Review and authorization for existing documentation will be provided. 

**For RN’s and non-medical providers working in offices with direct medical supervision only

The Details

The Details

Meet Nyeree

Nyeree Hazelton, MSN, NP-C

Aesthetic Nurse Specialist


I have been a nurse for more than 13 years and it was over 8 years ago that I started my medical aesthetics practice as a solo provider. I made it a point to learn as much as I could about the medical aesthetics industry, seeking out educational opportunities to advance my knowledge of injectables and skin and researching the correct policies and protocols in order to stay compliant and legal in my practice. I wish I’d had someone who I was able to turn to that I could trust to give me support and advice and guidance. The beauty industry can be rough, and it’s so competitive! I have a passion for this industry and helping others and I want to support others in the industry to be successful and fulfill their dream of owning their own beauty business. 

You can feel confident and safe in your business knowing that you have an experienced person to turn to. I want you to be able to grow your business while maintaining safety and compliance in order to protect your clients and yourself.  I am here to help you and support you. 

We are in this together!